• TRU.John.B&amp_W72a
    “After going through a difficult time with Lyme Disease, my energy was sapped and I was constantly fatigued. I wasn’t sure how I was ever going to enjoy life again. I was in severe adrenal fatigue and really not able to do much of anything, let alone workout or be physically fit. I began working with TRU and found their attention to my Nutritional and Structural issues to be very knowledgeable. They got me eating the right kinds of food for my metabolic type. Once that was established, they identified my physical challenges and developed a fitness program to help correct those imbalances and weaknesses. I was then able to increase my daily physical activity that continues to strengthen me back to the full and active lifestyle I had before my illness. The biggest change I’ve seen is in the amount of energy and vitality I have throughout the day. Eating right for your metabolism and doing the proper physical exercise make all the difference in the world. And having the guidance and support from TRU has really helped me regain MY TRU Health & Wellness.”
    John B.
  • TRU.Cynthia.B&amp_W72
    “The results have been amazing. Where do I start?  Although I didn't have much weight to lose at the onset, the weight loss had eluded me for months until I started working with TRU. The weight dropped and I have easily maintained my weight for over two years now. I was also dealing with symptoms of sciatica for a seven month period, and TRU helped me work through the muscular issues that were contributing to the root cause of the pain. Last year, I decided to start cycling for long distance endurance events. I fully expected the training preparation to take several months of intense workouts to successfully complete my first century ride in more than two years.  I was amazed at how easily I could step up the mileage because of the strength training that I had engaged in for 2 1/2 years.  Last month I completed a double century, and I look forward to improving my speed over the summer on future double century rides. Don't think twice, just do it!  Many people have the tendency to think that by simply reading an article, they can learn enough to achieve their nutrition and physical fitness goals.  Never underestimate the power and motivation that a professional and experienced personal trainer/nutrition counselor can offer you.  TRU offers exceptional knowledge and understanding  What you will accomplish by working with TRU will go far beyond your expectations.”
    Cynthia S.
  • TRU.Bob.B&amp_W72
    “I am 70 years old and have an active lifestyle that includes playing golf, hiking, biking, and world travel. As a result of working out with TRU, I am able to do the things I love at a higher level than most people my age, and remain free of injury. TRU designs my workouts to help me achieve good overall muscle tone and body function. Working with TRU helps keep me motivated to work out on a regular basis, and ensures that I use the proper techniques when I do. In addition, the private facility provides a great atmosphere for working out. It allows for a better connection between you and the staff, and there are no distractions to take away from your workout experience.”
    Bob R.
  • TRU.Patti.B&amp_W72
    “I had lost contact with my physical self.  Fitness and dietary strategies that worked in my 30's and 40's were failing badly.  The more ways to eat and exercise I tried without success, the more confused and discouraged I became.  I really needed informed guidance. TRU gave me the informed guidance in both nutrition and fitness that I needed. They taught me how to eat and exercise in alignment with my body. I have now established a very effective baseline relationship with food which has helped me to lean down. I am now fit and have the goal to become even fitter. I'd say that nothing beats learning what works for you and getting consistent guidance in following through with it. Thanks TRU.”  
    Patti K.
  • TRU.Matt.B&amp_W72
    “When I came to see TRU, I was in such severe lower back pain that I was having trouble functioning in daily life. I had tried everything from chiropractic and massage to traditional western medicine, but no one was able to help me relieve the pain. TRU took me through a series of assessments and discovered the muscle imbalances that were at the root of my pain. After one session with TRU, I felt the first relief I had in weeks. Over the next 3-4 months, 90 % of the pain that had plagued me for 10 years was gone. I now feel that I can live in a pain-free state. The knowledge and training of the TRU staff has been invaluable to me in allowing me to reclaim a more enjoyable, pain-free life. I would recommend TRU to anyone who desires to achieve the best results possible. They have a holistic approach that incorporates exercise, nutrition, and incredible insight that I have not encountered in any of the other professionals I have worked with in their field.”
    Matt L.
  • TRU.Paulina.B&amp_W72
    “Staying in shape and on top of my health is very important to me. With a busy professional career and two young children at home, getting the most out of the time I spend on myself is a must. TRU has taught me that it is not necessarily how much you’re doing, rather the effectiveness of what you are doing that matters most. Exercising twice a week with TRU, and eating in alignment with how my body works, allows me to feel great and maintain the figure that I want. I would recommend them to anyone looking to get the most out of themselves.”
    Paulina A.
  • TRU.Dennis.B&amp_W72
    “I have used the services of fitness trainers for over 10 years.  The TRU team are the best I have worked with. The realistic benchmarks and goal setting, along with nutrition counseling and training, provide the whole spectrum of managing a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend this team to anyone looking for results. The TRU team are seriously committed to the program. They believe in what they teach.  The plan is an excellent integration of nutrition and physical conditioning which I now have come to believe is necessary to get the most out of my body.”
    Dennis M.
  • TRU.Mechelle.B&amp_W72
    "Prior to coming to TRU, I exercised and was conscience of the food I ate, but was not getting the results I desired. I also suffered from neck and lower back pain due to a prior sports injury. I sought out TRU in hopes I would achieve the body I desired, as well as prevent future pain in my neck and back. One of the most valuable things TRU has provided has been educating me on the nutrition and exercise which is best for my metabolic and body type. As a result of working with the staff at TRU, I have learned healthy eating habits and stopped using crash diets like I did in the past. The TRU Personal Fitness program has not only made me more confident, but has also relieved the neck and back pain I once suffered from. The staff at TRU are invested in helping their clients achieve their personal goals. They provide individualized attention and keep their clients accountable to the goals they are striving for."
    Mechelle B.