Let it be

It’ll be okay. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it will be okay. And if you’re reading that first sentence and it doesn’t resonate with you, maybe keep reading because what’s there to lose, right?! And if you’re reading the first sentence and it triggers something in you, I’m talking happiness, sadness or anger…well maybe you should keep reading too. This post isn’t about faking a positive perspective. The world isn’t always kind and life isn’t always fair. There’s always multiple ways to view a situation. We’re never going to always pick the “right” one, but the more you shift and open up to things around you, the easier it will be to ebb and flow with this thing called life.

There will be days when it feels like nothing can go wrong. And days when it feels like nothing can go right. There will always be days like that. It doesn’t matter if you’re the Dalai Lama, you’re still going to have “those days”. And even when you have the good days, the thought creeps back in, “well this won’t last forever, something “bad” is bound to happen.” Of course it won’t last forever and something “bad” will always come along. Not to be a buzz kill, but it’s the reality. Nothing ever stays the same. If it did, well, that would be boring wouldn’t it? If you ate ice cream for every meal, you probably would get tired of it. Life is about contrast.

We want to define everything, right? We want to call things “good” and call things “bad”. We want to define who we are by our job, our religion, our family, our friends, and our hobbies. Whether it’s society or human nature, it’s something that fuels who we are and it’s different depending on our values and experiences.  These definitions keep us grounded in a sense.  Again there is nothing “bad” about those definitions, they actually help us structure our lives. But we get into trouble when we hold so tightly to those definitions and then one day they get shaken. Normally this happens when a significant life event occurs. Who are you then? Do you cling to what’s left? Do you run away? Or do you sit back and let life unfold? There’s no perfect answer here. And I’m not here to say, which option is the best. But in those moments when life and all those things that define you feel like they’re slipping away, allow yourself to just be. It sounds super simple right? Too simple…so simple, that I’m sure some of you just rolled your eyes.

Don’t put up your walls just yet…just being is probably one of the hardest, yet most freeing places to be. We can run around all day, living up to our definitions and expectations, but in reality nothing is stagnant. You’ll never get everything done or ever fully feel satisfied if deep down you desire to keep everything concrete. There will always be change, especially when it comes to defining ourselves and the world around us.

It takes courage to get on a plane. It takes courage to climb to the top of a mountain. It takes courage to take on a new challenge. But probably the biggest challenge is to sit with yourself. No music, no distractions, just you. You….all your beautiful qualities, and all of your vulnerabilities. The same is true when life occurs in ways that don’t always feel so comfortable. Do you cling or recoil? Sometimes it’s good to take a step back in order to allow the sky to open up. But instead of putting up all the walls, let it all flow through you…the love, the pain, and the fear. You can play it over again and again in your head hoping that you can hold on to a concrete reality, but honestly you’ll never know how it will really play out. Get comfortable with the uncertainty. Look at your fears head on…once you do that, well, what’s there really to be afraid of? That’s freedom!

So the next time your world gets shaken, don’t cling, don't run, have courage and watch what’s going on...go back to the basics… your breath, your body, your feelings. It’s all normal…you’re not alone. And it’ll be okay. Again…Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it will be okay.

I’m still on this ride too, so I know the roller coaster. It’s a little different for all of us and like I mentioned it’s not a fair world. But do you want to be a victim to life or open up to it? Neither is “good or bad”, it’s all about what kind of perspective you want to take and therefore leading to the type of life you want to live. We’re all going to make mistakes and make the “safe” choice sometimes. But maybe take the challenge once and a while and see what happens. Not to be cliché, but life’s a journey. We all know how it’s going to end (to some degree) so ease up on yourself and let it be. 



Creatures of Habit


From your mindset to your actions, everything is interconnected. So take one thing you want to change or transform in your life. It doesn’t have to be “big”. In reality, we get overwhelmed by “big”, so start small. But can implementing a small habit each day really make a difference? Ever take on more tasks than you can hold in your head and then feel paralyzed? You get nothing done! It happens to all of us. You’re not alone. Of course you want to set goals for yourself, but to actually execute a plan you have to take a look at all the pieces that make it up. A building is built one brick at a time. For those of us who can’t seem to shut off the main muscle upstairs, this skill is key to success, if not just our sanity.

Sooo how do we do this? Keep an open mind, but stay disciplined. Even if your schedule isn’t the most consistent, you can still create habits no matter where or what you are doing. Daily habits to start and end your day are key.

1-    Mindset is everything

-      This habit literally takes one minute…you can reflect for longer, but if you only have one minute to spare this is the habit for you.

-       Morning intentionGet a journal or a calendar and write down your intention for your day. Close your eyes and take a couple deep breaths and either repeat your intention to yourself or write it down. There is a shift in energy when you do this. Don’t believe me? Try it for a month and notate your experience.

-       Nightly gratitude: Underneath your morning intention write down something you are grateful for from that day. Again take a couple deep breaths and reflect. Can’t think of anything? Thank the most necessary aspects of your life, such as your breath.

2-    Mindfulness

-       Seated meditation isn’t for everyone, but being mindful is necessary to get the most out of life

-       Presence: Take an activity that you normally do everyday and become completely present with what you are doing. For instance, as you take a shower feel the water coming down on your shoulders. Notice the temperature of the water as it lands on your skin. Start to observe everything falling away in that moment because you are completely present with your current activity.

-       Set a timer to breath throughout your day. There are all sorts of apps out there that you can set for yourself. It’s a great little reminder to be present.

3-    Move

-       Movement is so important for clearing and strengthening our bodies. The more we can release tension in the body, the more we can find peace in our minds. Even strength-based exercises are important because they allow us to create a resilient body and mind.

-       Find what types of movement resonate with you. The type of movement may vary from day to day or week to week.

-       Honor your body: Find a balance between challenge and rest.

4-    Self Care

-       Shed your day: Throughout our day, we collect residue from the world around us. Yes it may actually be dirt from being outside, but beyond that we also collect tension from a heavy workload, an argument with a co-worker, or the person who cut us off during a traffic jam.

-       Find one thing each day to bring you back to balance and to shed all the “stuff” you collected. This may be a warm bath, watching a tv show, or going for a walk. Whatever it is for you, do it! It will actually make the rest of your day and/or week more productive because you will be able to perform from a place of higher quality.


Remember consistency is key to habit making…carry on ya’ll creatures of habit!

Stay healthy and mindful!




Achoo...Top 5 Essential Oils for Winter

Achoo…a sound all too familiar during the winter months. So what do you do if you come down with a cold or want to avoid the dreaded flu? Essential oils are great tools to have in your so called “tool box”. Here’s a list of my top five essential oils to have on-hand during the winter and how to use them…

1- On Guard

(Wild Orange Peel, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark/Leaf, Eucalyptus Leaf, and Rosemary Leaf/Flower essential oils)

Of course you can purchase all of these oils individually, but this is a great blend of all the oils in one bottle. This particular blend is sold by doTERRA.

Are you getting on an airplane or going to be in a crowded area? On Guard is an immune support and respiratory blend, which also protects against environmental threats.

How to use?

- Aromatically: Diffuse 3-4 drops in a diffuser; apply to palms and inhale (avoid contact with eyes)

- Internally: Take 1 drop with 4 fl oz of water

- Topically: Apply 1-2 drops to skin (may dilute with fractionated coconut oil if skin is sensitive)

2- Peppermint

You can never go wrong with peppermint oil, unless it gets in your eyes. Not a pleasant experience, but it shows you how powerful this oil really is. If you are stuffy with allergies or a cold, breath in some peppermint oil. It will clear you out in seconds. Beyond it’s respiratory benefits, peppermint can also help with the digestive system, putting those rumbles and grumbles to rest. Forget a mint? Use peppermint as a natural mouth freshener and for your oral hygiene.  Peppermint also has a slight sweet scent, which is energizing and smells great when diffused.

How to use?

- Aromatically: Diffuse 3-4 drops in a diffuser; apply to palms and inhale (avoid contact with eyes…seriously don’t touch your eyes. If you do, flush eyes with water.)

- Internally: Take 1 drop with 4 fl oz of water

- Topically: Apply 1-2 drops to skin (may dilute with fractionated coconut oil if skin is sensitive)

3- Lemon

Lemon is probably one of my favorite oils because it has so many uses. You can use it to clean the air, your kitchen, and even cleanse your body. Lemon supports the respiratory system and the digestive system. It’s a natural anti-mucolytic so it helps loosen mucus and makes it easier to cough. Adding a little lemon to warm water in the morning is a great way to get your digestive system moving as well.

How to use?

- Aromatically: Diffuse 3-4 drops in a diffuser; apply to palms and inhale (avoid contact with eyes)

- Internally: Take 1 drop with 4 fl oz of water

- Topically: Apply 1-2 drops to skin (may dilute with fractionated coconut oil if skin is sensitive)

4- Digest Zen

(Ginger Rhizome/Root, Peppermint Plant, Caraway Seed, Coriander Seed, Anise Seed, Tarragon Plant, and Fennel Seed essential oils)

If I had to recommend a “tummy taming” oil blend that works instantly for me, it would be Digest Zen. If you’re feeling nauseous or have an upset stomach, rub a few drops on your stomach. You can also internally take this blend as well. Not a fan of the “licorice” scent? Me neither, but I’d rather smell like a Twizzler than have a stomachache. This blend of oils helps take care of your digestive system and gastrointestinal tract.

How to use?

- Aromatically: Diffuse 3-4 drops in a diffuser; apply to palms and inhale (avoid contact with eyes)

- Internally: Take 1 drop with 4 fl oz of water

-Topically: Apply 1-2 drops to skin (may dilute with fractionated coconut oil if skin is sensitive)

5- Oregano

Okay, so you’re already sick. Time to bring out the big guns or in this case the oregano oil. But oregano is a cooking spice, right? Well yes, but it also has powerful antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. From killing off parasites to getting rid of a nasty sinus infection, oregano should be your go to oil. Be aware that not all oregano oil is the same and may not have the therapeutic benefits that you need to feel better. Choose oregano oil made from Organum vulgare and Thymus capitatus. It should be listed on the bottle if it is a quality brand.

How to use?

- Aromatically: Diffuse 3 to 4 drops in a diffuser

- Internally: Take 1-2 drops with 4 fl oz of water

- Topically: Dilute 1-2 drops with fractionated coconut oil (can be used to treat nail/foot fungus)


Well there you go! Stay healthy everyone! If you have any questions regarding these or any other oils, don’t hesitate to ask. For more information…Click Here



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Ground Yo' Self

Have you gone outside today? I’m not talking about the 5 seconds it takes you to walk to your car in the morning and I’m not even suggesting a few hours in the sun. No one has time for that every single day. I’m suggesting a good 15 minutes with your feet on the earth...yes barefoot…and your face in the sun. No you’re not going to get skin cancer in 15 minutes, but it might actually prevent it. We’ll get to the benefits of sunlight on another post, but in the meantime let’s take a quick look at grounding.

We are primal electrical beings and the theory is that we are supposed to be connected to the Earth as much as possible. Through our everyday lifestyle we collect positive electrons, which are presented as free radicals.  What’s a great way to rid our bodies of these free radicals? I’ll give you one guess…get in contact with the Earth! It’s free too…bonus! The skin to earth connection creates a negative grounding charge. Goodbye free radicals! Hello quality sleep, increased energy, and increased mobility! Grounding has been shown to heal and prevent back pain, inflammation, sleep issues, and overall malaise. The longer you ground, the better. Try notating your own experience. For the next two weeks get at least a good 15 minutes of grounding per day. Will you look a bit odd to your neighbor standing barefoot in your yard in the middle of November? Possibly...unless you have a cool neighbor. But who’s going to have more energy and feel better? YOU! Who’s the crazy one now?! Shoes do protect our feet and can be an attractive accessory, but unfortunately evolution hasn’t caught up to fashion quite yet. Now don’t go throwing away your shoes, just take a few minutes a day to ground and connect with nature. Try it out for yourself.

Here are a few research links to check out…

The Grounded movie


Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth's Surface Electrons


The Effects of Grounding (earthing) on Inflammation, the Immune Response, Wound Healing, and Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Inflammatory and Autoimmune Diseases