Ground Yo' Self

Have you gone outside today? I’m not talking about the 5 seconds it takes you to walk to your car in the morning and I’m not even suggesting a few hours in the sun. No one has time for that every single day. I’m suggesting a good 15 minutes with your feet on the earth...yes barefoot…and your face in the sun. No you’re not going to get skin cancer in 15 minutes, but it might actually prevent it. We’ll get to the benefits of sunlight on another post, but in the meantime let’s take a quick look at grounding.

We are primal electrical beings and the theory is that we are supposed to be connected to the Earth as much as possible. Through our everyday lifestyle we collect positive electrons, which are presented as free radicals.  What’s a great way to rid our bodies of these free radicals? I’ll give you one guess…get in contact with the Earth! It’s free too…bonus! The skin to earth connection creates a negative grounding charge. Goodbye free radicals! Hello quality sleep, increased energy, and increased mobility! Grounding has been shown to heal and prevent back pain, inflammation, sleep issues, and overall malaise. The longer you ground, the better. Try notating your own experience. For the next two weeks get at least a good 15 minutes of grounding per day. Will you look a bit odd to your neighbor standing barefoot in your yard in the middle of November? Possibly...unless you have a cool neighbor. But who’s going to have more energy and feel better? YOU! Who’s the crazy one now?! Shoes do protect our feet and can be an attractive accessory, but unfortunately evolution hasn’t caught up to fashion quite yet. Now don’t go throwing away your shoes, just take a few minutes a day to ground and connect with nature. Try it out for yourself.

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